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by posted 05/16/2018
Increasing Your Lax IQ


Many parents and players often ask, "How can I/my son get smarter as a player?"

The answer may seem complicated: extra coaching, reading books, watching videos.

While all of these will help, they are very time consuming, complicated, and expensive. Luckily, we live in a digital age and there are options available. Every high school, college, and club coach I talk to recommends that you watch more lacrosse. Watching lacrosse played at a high level will improve the Lax IQ of everyone.

Where to Watch:

1. Click this Link for the 2018 Lax TV Schedule

2. ESPN3 - if you have ESPN, you can use your cable access information to access espn3 on your computer or Roku. They will carry over 100 games this year. They will also archive 1-2 weeks of games for viewing later.

3. - broadcasts select Baltimore and Philly High School games. Booker Corrigan is the announcer and the kids find him hilarious.

What to Watch For:

1. Accuracy of ball movement - all the passes are accurate, there are few dropped balls. This is why we push wall ball and line drills. This should be possible at 5/6 and older.

2. Off Ball Movement - watch how when a play starts, everyone is moving, not just the player with the ball. Most goals come off of a pass to a moving player near the goal, not a dodge and shoot play.

3. Defensive Positioning - watch how the defenders all approach from the top side to take away the middle of the field.

4. Clears - watch how the defenders and defensive middies spread out and move to open lanes to clear, primarily the way the attack men come up to midfield to provide a release.

5. Communication - listen how the players talk constantly.


Even in small doses, you can learn a lot about lacrosse fundamentals from watching it on TV. Most of the announcers are trying to grow the sport and their commentary will be appropriate for our age groups and parent levels.

by posted 02/25/2016
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